Empowering Women

When the Ace of Good makes our delivery trips, instead of bringing backpacks from the United States, we source them locally through our women’s empowerment programs. We sponsor free seamstress job-skills training and then offer our graduates employment to sew our backpacks. Our program offers women an opportunity for financial independence, eases poverty in their community, and crates beautifully made backpacks for children in need.


KENYA Enkiteng Lepa’s Widow’s Village

Kenyan Seamstresses
It is custom in Massai culture for a man, many times much older, to marry a younger woman in exchange for a dowry of cows. Due to the age discrepancy, it increases the likelihood that they will be widowed. Once widowed, many do not inherit property because there are multiple wives. They are not allowed to remarry, nor can they return to their families because doing so would force them to repay the cows from the marriage dowry. Enkiteng Lepa, an NGO, created a village of protection in 2007, where Massai widows can live peacefully. They collectively own a herd of cows and a cellphone charging business for the locals that use cell phones. Many of the women earn money from crafting and selling beadwork or performing traditional dances for tourists. Ace of Good hires these women to make all the backpacks for our deliveries to Kenya.

KENYA Kisii Village

Kenyan Seamstresses

Because the women of Kisii Village, Kenya, have not had access to education and have no jobs skills, improving their lives for themselves and their children has been difficult. Many live in abject poverty. Ace of Good is proud to work with the women of Kisii, providing jobs skills training and offering them employment sewing our Kisii Collection. The results are stunning. Not only have they produced beautifully hand crafted bags for Ace of Good, but the Kisii women created something even more impressive: their own businesses.

CAMBODIA Journey’s Within Our Community [JWOC]

Journey’s Within Our Community (JWOC)
In Cambodia, Ace of Good is working with JWOC an organization that gives job skills training to women in need. These women have gone through a free sixteen week jobs skills training course teaching them to be seamstresses.Ace of Good has provided the materials and then employed these women, many who live in poverty at a squatters village nearby, to sew hundreds of Ace of Good backpacks. These backpacks not only provide much needed income to these women, but they are then filled with school supplies and given to children in need providing access to education for Cambodia’s most marginalized children. These are the backpacks that give twice.

INDIA Stitches of Tibet [SOT]

Stitches of Tibet (SOT)
In Dharamsala, India we are working with Stitches of Tibet. They support the most marginalized Tibetan refugee women, forced to leave their homes due to the danger associated with their husbands who are political prisoners. They arrive in India with little money, education or jobs skills to secure employment. SOT gives their students vocational training by teaching them to sew, ensuring they can support themselves and their families. Ace of Good is looking forward to hiring these women to sew our backpacks for our next delivery to India.