What is a Pencil Pal?

A Pencil Pal is a friend you have in a far off land that you get to know by writing letters back and forth.


Pencil Pals Pencil Pals

Cool, but why is this so important?

The Pencil Pal program facilitates an international dialogue between young students in the United States and their peers in countries that we make deliveries to all over the world. Through the participation of our growing number of partner schools in the US, we have made a cultural exchange possible between students in Manhattan, NY and Phnom Phen, Cambodia, as well as between students in Brooklyn, NY and Maji Moto, Jenya.

Through these letter exchanges we can open the eyes of these children to other cultures they may never have the opportunity to visit. Did you know that in Kenya, the favorite food is cow’s blood and milk? And that in Brooklyn, they prefer pizza? The Pencil Pal program fosters mutual understanding and compassion for those unlike ourselves, as well as sparking in our children an interest in travel and philanthropy.

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Want to meet some of our Pencil Pals and read their letters? Visit our galleries below.

Enkiteng-Lepa School Kenya

BWL School New York, NY

The Brooklyn New School Brooklyn, NY

The PIO School Phonm Phem, Cambodia